Monday, March 26, 2012

My Tribe

I know I haven't updated very much
life just keeps getting in the way
but it's hard to complain when 
this is my life.....
So, here it is!!!
 Josiah turned 14 this year
and outgrew me 
(which isn't saying much I know lol)
 Hunter will be 8 this year
and at camp I heard all about 
his fearless gaga ball games
 Stonewall is our clown, 
and he knows it at 6 years old
 Levi turned 12 
my thoughtful "quiet" one
that is a relative term you know :)
 Caleb, will be 11 soon
the mini me in every way
 Timothy is 9 now
at camp they told me he was quite the leader!!
 Paige turned 17 last week
where has the time gone???
She and Panzer are a great team.
 Paige is my awesome girl!!
Then there's me, 
Mommy of the Tribe 


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