Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Yes, I noticed
I have been very..preoccupied?
Ok, ok, just plain slow!!!
We started the school year off right.. 
With a fun day!

 Everyone agreed it was the most
fun they've had during the 
first week of school,
including me! 
That slide was great 
especially when it 
started to rain and we had
to send the children inside!  :D
And then ball season started..
                   Caleb                         Josiah^

they don't play as much as the 
bigger boys, but they love it. 
Then there's volleyball
 Paige getting a good set 
 "We've got our shoes tied tight
and we're ready to fight
go red, black, and white
goooooo EAGLES!!!!!!"
 It has been a pretty busy year
with seven children 
in seven different grades!
But we're making some exciting
changes soon..which I'll blog about! 


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