Thursday, March 10, 2011

Boaz 4th birthday

Today would have been Boaz' 4th birthday.
I should be running around, 
buying cute toys, 
deciding what to put on his cake, 
taking birthday pictures, 
blowing up balloons, stringing streamers.
Then again, I've missed a lot lately:
Washing dirty little jeans
Tying cute little shoes
Kissing scrapes
Hugs good night
Teary eyes
"I love you my little man"
Watching him & Stonewall be best buds
Holding his hand
Complaining cause he's growing too much
Thankfully I serve a great God!
So even though I miss my Boaz...
I know he's running around on the streets of gold...talking to all the saints of God...visiting all the Bible greats...and he'll be there when we get there, not exactly waiting...I can't imagine anyone in Heaven waiting for anything..but maybe expecting! 
I am ever thankful for the promises of God! 


  1. Happy Birthday Boaz! Such a handsome little man <3



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