Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blackburn Boys

Here's just a few more of my Blackburns. Hunter is in the orange. He and Paige took a trip out overnight to a meeting last week. He loved going with Daddy, but Daddy forgot how bouncy a four year old can get in the car for six hours or so. He convinced his sister to play fetch for him and his race cars as he zoomed them off the race track at her feet. She soon tired of that though, so he got smart. He looped the race track around the clothing bar and made a circle with the track, then the cars never needed fetching (good puppy)!
Next, Timothy and Josiah took a turn with Daddy. I guess six year olds can be wiggly too sometimes! Timothy is the cowboy and guitar picture. A few weeks ago Timothy and Hunter made up a new game. They call it 6 year old boys. I wouldn't expect it to be hitting the shelf any time soon or anything. But, I guess for a four year old, playing 6 year old boys is lots of fun. The rules were a little vague. They pretty much just played what 6 year old boys normally do. I didn't exactly say I understood what they were doing!

And then comes Buddy Stonewall. He's the littlest, lightweight champion in the world!!! I said they were fun, didn't I? Well, if you'll not have a hissy when things don't go as planned, they're loads of fun. Of course, sometimes they're loads of other things too. Just look at that face though! Papa Frank says Buddy has wigglemites. And I agree. Daddy must agree too, because he only gets to go on the road when we all go. He misses Daddy an awful lot when he's gone. I think my younger ones miss Nick more than the older ones did the last time we were on deputation. It seems they get more and more fun by the day. I praise the Lord for my family! Life is never dull, and I'm never lonley. Life should never be boring in the Congo!

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