Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting started!

As most of you know, Nick has started out on deputation. He was gone for two weeks with Levi (8), yes, he's standing on a chair, to Louisiana. Then a meeting here in town. Now he's off with Caleb (7) to Alabama and back to Louisiana again. The boys have had a great time having Dad to themselves, and have great stories to tell when they get back. So far, Levi went to the zoo, I don't know why they let him out. Then, Caleb went ice skating. I'm not sure when my turn is. Truthfully, we've been getting a lot of things in order at the house, though sometimes it just looks like disorder. But I don't want to wait till the last minute to get rid of stuff we don't want to keep. See, we're not going to the Congo for a while. We are moving to the Congo! The only things we want to leave here are some of the children's things they may want when they are grown, things we will need on furloughs, or a few keepsake things that money can't buy. I thank God that things have never really meant that much to me. Nick and I are planning out survey trip in September now. It was April, but his meetings just keep booking out our time. There are so many questions in my mind about the Congo and what we can get there. I'm not worried about doing without some precious thing, Dr Pepper does ship to the Congo, right Russell??? Just kidding! Just in case your wondering, they do NOT! Other missionaries live there without any thing but the supplies you get in country. I know that God will show us the way to also. It will be nice to have some things we are used to, that we are taking in. But, I'm not going to worry about later.We are so excited to get there. Mrs. Judy Wells is returning to the Congo on Feb. 2 to set up her house a bit. Then Papa Frank is going to follow after he ties up loose ends here. What a joy it will be to have fellowship when we get there, AND a kitchen without rats playing tag in the evenings! It is a blessing also that the children are also ready to go. Not just willing, but ready. They have plans of their own for ministering for the Lord!

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  1. Ohhh Karen, I pray we will be able to see ya'll before you goooo!! Ellery and I are making the plans for a trip outta here by end of this coming summer. But you and I know, that there's always a possiblity that wouldn't be able to happen. Ellery is praying much, and I am too. We'd like this house to sell, and not have to rent. Anyways, I sure love you and Bro. Nick and the children!! TTYL
    P.S. Good blog! I just love how you mentioned Dr. Pepper. That's so cute. I wish we could send you shipments and keep you stocked of Dr. Pepper. But it may not be possible huh!? :)



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